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Full-Stack Web Development Program in Pune

100% Job Guarantee

Master’s Program

Learn to build multi-platform, functional apps & be a job-ready Full Stack developer! Experience the industry-specific program that includes in-demand technologies prevalent in the market. Kick start your IT career with the AI Infotech Full Stack certification program.

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₹ 17,000 /month

Total Program Fee

₹ 35,000
Next Cohort Starts: 1 Aug, 2022

Limited no. of seats available

Program Duration: 3 Months

At 10-15 hours/week

Offline Class Room Batch

Learning Format

Why Join This Program

100% Guaranteed Job


Learn the most in-demand skillsets & give the right direction to your career.

100% Guaranteed Job


Define your career goals under the guidance of expert faculties & industry professionals.

100% Guaranteed Job


Work on real-world projects & problem scenarios to get hands-on experience in the industry.

100% Guaranteed Job


We provide multiple job opportunities till you get a guaranteed placement.

Get Your Dream Job

Full-Stack Web Development Program successful job placement based on the average salary packages offered, the hiring companies participating, and the speed of offer roll-out.

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Program Overview

Master the different aspects of a project by learning the latest Full-Stack tool & technologies! Gain practical experience through real-world projects with our industry-validated curriculum.

Key Features

Engaging live online classes by digital marketing experts

Full refund if you don’t secure a job within 180 days of completion

100% refund if you aren’t able to secure a job within 180 days of graduation

Hands-on training with several industry-relevant projects

Engaging live online classes by digital marketing experts

Engaging live online classes by digital marketing experts

Engaging live online classes by digital marketing experts

Engaging live online classes by digital marketing experts

Collaboration with the top MNCs

AI Infotech Job Guarantee Program

Your career aspirations to be a successful IT professional will be a reality with our 100% Job Assured program.


Get a full refund of your fees in case you don’t

100% refund if you aren’t able to secure a job within 180 days of graduation


Speak with our expert counsellors to get the right guidance

Get in touch with us to tap countless career possibilities


Mock interview sessions conducted by our training experts

Get trained on real-life scenarios & answers

Great start for an excellent career!


Learn from industry veterans through a new-age project-based immersive learning experience. The AI Infotech Full Stack Developer program gives you a comprehensive understanding of the advancements in the field of web development.

By the end of the course, you have a detailed insight into designing web pages, databases, programming, & server-side connections. It includes include UI/UX, MongoDB, Bootstrap AngularJS, Express, NodeJS, .NET, jQuery, React Native, Redux, Django, SQL, RESTful API, Networking, & lot more.

Become industry-ready with hands-on sessions, multiple projects, mock interviews & in-house career counselling. The course module will make you confident & expert in developing innovative & customized projects as per client requirements.

  • Understand how websites work and how HTML, CSS andJavaScript contribute.
  • Understand how the internet works.
  • Start coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Learn and understand git, GitHub and version control.
  • Use the Unix command line to become a power user andwrite bash commands.
  • Learn key troubleshooting and debugging skills to apply toyour projects.
  • Learn the anatomy of HTML syntax to structure your websites.
  • Understand the HTML boilerplate and HTML doctypes.
  • How to structure text in HTML.
  • How to structure HTML lists to create unordered and ordered lists.
  • How to insert images using HTML
  • How to create hyperlinks using anchor tags.
  • Understand how to use HTML tables for content.
  • How to use tables for layout.
  • Learn HTML best practices.
  • Understand about HTML forms and create a simple contact me form.
  • HTML Divs and how to separate content for CSS styling. Assignments
  • Implementation of HTML Mini Project
    • Learn the fundamentals of implementing responsive web design.
    • The fundamentals of UI design for websites.
    • How to install the Bootstrap framework.
    • Understanding the Bootstrap grid layout system.
    • How to use bootstrap containers to layout your website easily.
    • Learn to use other Bootstrap components such as buttons.
    • Adding symbols using Font Awesome.
    • Learn to use Bootstrap carousels.
    • Add Bootstrap cards to your website.
    • Using Bootstrap navigation bars.
    • Assignments
    • Implementation of HTML + CSS + Bootstrap Mini Project
    • The Fundamentals of Code Starting code with alerts and prompts.
    • Understand Variables and Data Types in JavaScript.
    • Variable naming in JS.
    • Working with strings and numbers.
    • Randomisation and logical operators
    • Loops, collections and Conditionals.
    • Functions and invocation patterns
    • Discussion of ECMAScripts
    • Intermediate JavaScript
    • Learn to use JS Expressions, Operators, Statements and Declarations
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • JS Objects and Prototypes
    • `This`, Scope and Closures
    • Objects and Prototypes
    • Refactoring and Debugging
    • Learn the tree structure of HTML based websites.
    • Traverse through the document using object notation.
    • Separation of concerns and coding best practices.
    • Manipulate and change the HTML elements using your understanding of the DOM.
    • Arrow Functions
    • Map/Filter/Reduce
    • Find/FindOne/FindIndex
    • Import/Export and Modules
    • Object and Array Destructuring
    • Spread Operator
    • Assignments
    • Implementation of HTML+CSS+JavaScript Mini Project
    • Installing and using the jQuery framework
    • Installing and using the jQuery framework
    • Introduction to functions in jQuery
    • Manipulating text, styles and attributes with jQuery
    • Create animations and customisations with jQuery
    • Use your jQuery knowledge to make your website interactive
    • Responding to user initiated events with jQuery.
    • Assignments
    • Implementation of HTML+CSS+JavaScript+JQuery Mini Project
    • Learn front-end development with React.
    • Understand when and how to use React Components.
    • Learn to pass Props and work with them.
    • Learn to write JSX and understand JSX syntax.
    • Learn about the React DOM.
    • Learn State Management in React.
    • Learn about React Hooks.
    • Learn about conditional rendering in React.
    • Understand the difference between class and functional
    • How to use basic bash commands in a Unix/Linux Terminal.
    • How to manipulate files and folders without needing agraphical user interface.
    • How to download and install to your computer usingcommand line.
    • Using git for version control and collaboration
    • Git forking, branching and cloning
    • Using GitHub as a remote repository
    • Checkout and rolling back changes with git
    • Using git and GitHub with Xcode.
    • Explore the components of back-end development, workingwith an MVC framework.
    • Apply concepts like data types, objects, methods, object-oriented programming, and classes in the context of back-end development.
    • Server-Side JavaScript
    • Using Node on the command line
    • NPM
    • JavaScript Build Processes
    • Event Loop and Emitters
    • File System Interaction
    • Modules
    • Native Node drivers
    • Understand how to install and use express in Nodeapplications
    • Creating Node and Express based servers
    • RESTful Routing with Express
    • Understand and use middleware for Node applications
    • Understand what APIs are and how they work.
    • HTTP in Depth
    • Calling APIs
    • Reading API documentation
    • Basic API Authentication
    • Server to server communication
    • JSON vs. XML, sending data over the wire.
    • Understand what EJS does and how to use it with Node and
    • Templating with EJS
    • Running code in EJS templates
    • Passing data from server to template and vice versa
    • Creating layouts/partials with EJS.
    • Data Relationships
    • Designing a Data Model
    • Relational Databases
    • Alternative Databases
    • Entity Relationship Modelling (ERM) and Object Relational
      Mapping (ORM)
    • Working with Database Schemas
    • Create-Read-Update-Destroy (CRUD)
    • Database Joins
    • Querying SQL databases
    • Serialization
    • How to model NoSQL data
    • Document Databases (MongoDB)
    • Create-Read-Update-Destroy (CRUD)
    • NoSQL Best Practices
    • Mongo Shell and command line use
    • Installing MongoDB
    • Mapping relationships with MongoDB
    • Using an object-data modelling library (Mongoose) to workeasily with your data.
    • Understand hosting and deployment.
    • Hosting static websites with GitHub Pages.
    • Deploying server based applications with Heroku.
    • Deploying Databases with Mongo Atlas.
    • Understand REST and guiding principles behind API design
    • Learn to work with a MongoDB GUI Robo 3
    • Implementing GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE by creating apublic API from scratch
    • Understand and use chained route handlers from Express.
    • Understand the need for authentication and keeping user details secure.
    • Learn about Encryption and use encryption to keep your database secure
    • Learn and implement Hashing and Salting with bcrypt
    • Using Sessions and Cookies to persist user log in sessions.
    • Setting up local authentication from scratch.
    • Implementing Passport to authenticate users quickly and effectively.
    • Understand and use environment variables to keep secret keys secure.
    • Understand and use OAuth 2.0 to log in users using Google and Facebook.

    Hours of Learning Content.


    Case Studies and Projects


    Live Sessions


    Tools and Software

    Admissions and Fee

    Program Fees

    Rs. 35,000

    3 months offline program

    300+ hours of overall learning

    3 real-world industry relevant projects

    Hands-on learning on marketing tools such as Google adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Semrush and more.

    Access to career services which includes Job boards, Hiring events, Resume Building & Mock Interview workshops

    Live Personalized Mentorship in small groups.

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