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Digital Marketing Program

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Learn from the top industry trainers & gain digital marketing skills to kick-start your career! The Digital Marketing Certificate can help both current marketing professionals, and those wishing new career in digital marketing, with the necessary knowledge and skills. Get accustomed to the latest digital tools that give you a solid foundation in core online marketing. Start learning industry-relevant skills & build a rewarding career today.

EMI Starting at

₹ 10,000 /month

Total Program Fee

₹ 20,000
Next Course Starts: 3rd Oct, 2022

Limited no. of seats available

Program Duration: 3 Months

At 10-15 hours/week

Offline Class Room Batch

Learning Format

Career-oriented Practical Digital Marketing Program

Welcome to the Practical Digital Marketing course at AI Infotech! In this course, you will learn the key concepts and strategies behind digital marketing, as well as how to put them into practice to help your business succeed online.

The course is designed for those with little to no experience in digital marketing, but it is also suitable for individuals who want to refresh their knowledge or learn about new developments in the field.

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a product or service using digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites. It’s a highly effective way to reach a large audience and grow your business. With the rise of digital channels, traditional marketing methods such as TV and radio ads, billboards and print ads are becoming less effective.

Throughout the course, we will explore different digital marketing channels and strategies. We will cover topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. We will also discuss how to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts using metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and ROI.

In addition to learning about the theory behind digital marketing, you will also have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge through hands-on exercises and projects. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the key concepts and strategies behind digital marketing, as well as the practical skills needed to implement them in your own business.

The course is designed to be both engaging and interactive. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions, share your own experiences, and discuss digital marketing with your fellow students. The course will be led by experienced digital marketing professionals who will provide you with valuable insights and advice based on their own experiences.

After completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from AI Infotech. And also you will be well-equipped to be a competent digital marketer and able to succeed in today’s digital-driven world.

We hope you enjoy the course and look forward to helping you become a successful digital marketer!

100% Guaranteed Job


Learn the most in-demand skillsets & give the right direction to your career

100% Guaranteed Job


Define your career goals under the guidance of expert faculties & industry professionals

100% Guaranteed Job


Work on real-world projects & problem scenarios to get hands-on experience in the industry

100% Guaranteed Job


Land your dream job in Digital Marketing with our Placement Assistance

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum Details

Course Syllabus

AI Infotech Digital Marketing course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts, strategies, and techniques used in digital marketing today. You will learn how to create, implement, and measure the success of digital marketing campaigns using a variety of channels and tools.

The course syllabus includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing: An overview of the digital landscape and the benefits of digital marketing for businesses.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Understanding how search engines work and how to optimize websites for better search engine rankings.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: How to create and manage campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads.
  • Social Media Marketing: The role of social media in digital marketing and how to create effective campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Email Marketing: How to use email to build relationships with customers and promote products or services.
  • Content Marketing: How to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a target audience.
  • Measuring the Success of Digital Marketing: How to use metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and ROI to measure the success of digital marketing efforts.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing: How to bring together different digital marketing channels and strategies to create a cohesive and effective campaign.

Throughout the course, students will engage in a variety of activities including lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, and projects. You will be provided with the material and guidance necessary to understand and apply the concepts covered in the course.

The course requires your active engagement, so be prepared to spend time outside of class on assignments and projects. At the end of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge to design, execute, and evaluate digital marketing campaigns.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the key concepts and strategies behind digital marketing, as well as the practical skills needed to implement them in a business setting. And also, you will be well-equipped for the job market, with knowledge of the latest tools, trends and best practices in the industry.

In this overview of digital marketing, we will teach you the basics of how to promote products, services or brands through various digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites. This will include learning about tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more. By the end of this overview, you will have a solid understanding of how to use digital technologies to reach and engage with customers, as well as the key skills needed to advance your career in the digital marketing industry.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Need of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  • 4 P’s of Marketing
  • Understanding different Industries
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Current Marketing Trends
  • Case studies of Digital Marketing

In this course on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we will teach you the techniques and best practices for optimizing your website and its content to improve its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). You will learn about on-page optimization methods such as keyword research, meta tags, and content optimization, as well as off-page optimization techniques such as link building and online reputation management. We will also cover the technical aspects of SEO, such as site speed, mobile optimization, and indexing. By the end of these sessions, you will have a comprehensive understanding of SEO and the skills necessary to implement effective strategies for improving your website’s search engine rankings and driving more traffic to your site.

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Backlinking
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting

Content marketing can be taught through a combination of theoretical instruction, practical exercises and case studies, and ongoing feedback and coaching. The curriculum may include topics such as understanding the target audience, researching and identifying relevant topics, developing a content strategy, producing various types of content, optimizing content for search engines, and measuring and analyzing the success of content marketing campaigns. The course may also include hands-on activities such as creating a content calendar, writing a blog post, and developing a content marketing plan. Ongoing feedback and coaching will be provided to help students improve their skills and achieve their goals.

  • Google Analytics: Specific Techniques and Reports
  • Google AdWords Fundamentals
  • Facebook Marketing and Advertising
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Moz Tool
  • Reporting

Months of Training


Case Studies and Projects


Mock Interviews


Tools and Software

Tools Covered

Admissions and Fee

Program Fees

Rs. 20,000

Hands-on learning on marketing tools such as Google Ads, Ads Manager, Google Analytics and more.

3 real-world industry relevant projects

3 months offline program

Live Personalized Mentorship in small groups.


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